Fuel Economy

Fuel costs account for around 45% of your total operating costs, so it pays to be not just efficient, but ÜberEfficient.

It’s why we develop trucks that go further for your business. Last year a TGX Euro 6 tractor achieved a record-breaking 11.22mpg in an independent road test with 50% less AdBlue® usage.* For years we have been leaders in reducing exhaust gas emissions offering both EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems to create greater efficiency and lower running costs for customers.

We’ve got it covered:

  • Record breaking 11.22mpg*
  • Up to 12% greater fuel efficiency than an average Euro 5 truck
  • 50% less Adblue® usage
  • Tried and proven EGR and SCR technology
  • 80% fewer exhaust emissions than Euro 5
  • Wide range of award winning, fuel efficient vehicles in various weight classes ranging from 7.5 tonnes to 44 tonnes
  • Euro 6 compliant with low operating costs

*Test organised by German trade magazine TRUCKER and Deutsche Verkehrszeitung (DVZ) in (September) 2013.

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When it comes to renewing your trucks, there's so much more to consider when calculating your Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)

  • Fuel economy
  • Driver acceptance
  • Equipment supplied as standard
  • Ongoing VOSA compliance
  • CO2 emissions
  • Vehicle warranty
  • Uptime vehicle commitment
  • After sales network

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